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Terry Brussel, CCHt of Success Center

Terry Brussel CCHt., is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the National Guild of Hypnotists.

She has been in practice since 1969 and has over 4 decades experience as a professional in her field. Terry  has created the Seven Keys to Self-Actualization, a systematic program which uses self-hypnosis within a customized framework to enable you to realize your personal goals, desires and dreams. In recognition of this and other unique contributions to the field of hypnotherapy, Terry Brussel CCHt became a life member in the National Directory of Who's Who in 2001.

Terry graduated Cum Laude from California State University at Northridge with a B.A. in Psychology. She also studied for four years at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, the Emile Franchel School of Living Science, and the Hypnotism Training Center.

In addition to her work in private practice and directing SUCCESS CENTER, she is in demand as an exciting and informative public speaker . Her subjects include success coaching, sales motivation, stress management, habit control, healthy longevity, inspiration at will and learning/memory excellence.

Articles she has written are included in Stress Strategists (Royal Publishing), Other titles (available as articles and recorded guided meditations) by Terry Brussel CCHt include her Seven Key Turn-Key System for Building a Successful Hypnotherapy Practice, Magical Time Management--Conscious and Subconscious, Sales Pride/Sales Excellence, Energy for Success and Matchmaker's Corner: Choosing, Finding and Attracting Your Life Mate.

She has created many unique audio recordings and books as well
All available for purchase through this web site

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Marcus Jenkins
Marcus Jenkins is a renowned artist who has lived by selling his art. He possesses a unique talent to create and recognize emerging markets, and form brand new methods to work within the media he creates.

He began by winning photography awards while in High School, Bronze and Silver Medals for Photography in the Los Angeles County Fair. His style crossed and mixed disciplines in ways that astounded his teachers by using photographic tools for drawing classes, and doing chemistry experiments in his photo classes. He was referred to Dr. Land of Polaroid for inventing a chemical process to enable a camera to provide photography for the blind. He works with oil, neon glasswork, dicrolic mirrors, wood, plexiglass, and lasers, inventing new and astounding artworks in these new media.

His creativity has not always been appreciated; while working as a telephone repair man he actually repaired telephones! (The company he worked for made its money by swapping out refurbished and new telephones for those phones that had defects. The accounting department didn't have billing codes for that!) Doing component and board level repairs in the field based upon instinctive diagnoses was forbidden for the reason that another technician following him would be unable to repeat these solutions. His understanding of the "thought processes" of automatic dialers and other telephone equipment resulted in his being called up as a consultant by the manufacturer of the equipment he was servicing.

Importantly, he created new products and niches for the products he invented, which made him an outstanding salesman. He has worked and created new products for the Independent Order of Foresters, a life insurance company, which earned him a promotion to his last position as a Application Engineer for US AmeriCall, a Long Distance Company.

He sometimes has an outrageous sense of humor, and creates stories and songs at will!

He has recently become a hypnotherapist and Success Center Associate. Creativity and how we can become open to it is his specialty as a hypnotist. He is a popular Success Center trainer and lecturer and has co-authored our book on creativity, Inspiration at Will.

Virginia Parsons

Virginia Parsons, MS, CHT, CTLC, has over 25 years of experience in lifestyle consulting and health education. She holds a Masters Degree in Adult Health Education from the University of WI and has been a Certified and Practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist since 1987. She has recently become a trainer for Success Center.

She is also certified by Dr. Shari Lieberman as a Transitions Lifestyle Coach for achieving optimum weight and well-being. Her passion for health & wellness also resulted in Certifications by The American College of Sports Medicine and the Cooper Institute for Aerobic Research. She spent many years instructing in Corporate Wellness Centers such as Lands End and Rayovac Corp and was a featured speaker in Performance Psyching” at several Midwest Wellness Conferences. She is an avid student of Hatha Yoga and instructed Yoga classes for many years.

It is Virginia's passion to help people learn healthful techniques that enliven the spirit and inspire greater well-being. Her education programs, consultations and services provide a path to run on and the support to stay on track as you make positive changes in your life.

Change is not always easy; but with a caring, supportive life coach, the journey can be empowering and uplifting. May you be blessed with radiant health and a warm and loving heart.

Virginia Parsons
Life Enhancement Services LLC

Howard Friedman
Presentsuccess center self hypnosis howard friedman

Private practice in Burbank CA

Primary referral from mid-wives for prenatal and neonatal care

Help athletes from weekend warriors to Olympic hopefuls to heal and achieve their goals.

My gentle specific approach to health and healing help severe and chronic conditions for all ages including geriatrics.

Private practice
Toluca Lake 1989 to 1997
Glendale 1997 to 2000
Burbank 2000 to Present

Associate Technique Instructor at Cleveland Chiropractic College.
1993 to 2000 Taught classes on Sacro-Occipital Technic.

X-Ray supervisor from 1990 to present

Advised Chiropractic students on Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technic.
A systematic organ rebalancing technique

Seminar Instructor, Co-instructor, and assistant for both Chiropractic students and Chiropractors from 1990 to present.

2002 to Present: Studying and applying concepts of Kabalistic healing.

Post-graduate classes in nutrition, multiple chiropractic adjusting techniques, cranial manipulation, X-Ray, and diagnostic studies.

2006 Guest lecturer at Cleveland Chiropractic College to demonstrate the emotional stress on structural distortions and how to address corrections.

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